Module A

  • Multilingual project management (Fr, En, Sp, Ger)
  • Solar factor, U coefficient, glazing max. temperatures, energy and light characteristics
  • Calculs selon XP P 50777
Price (excl. VAT) : 1 750,00 €

Module B

  • Beaded glazing sealing joints, (calculations for double and triple glazing)
  • Structural glazing sealing & bonding joints
  • Calculation of glass thickness according to DTU 39
  • Calculations of constraints and deflections according to standards NV65 and N84 (calculations for triple glazing)
  • Eurocodes S2 2018
Price (excl. VAT) : 1 850,00 €

Module C

  • Thermal breakage risk analysis
Price (excl. VAT) : 1 750,00 €

Module D

  • Glazing with forced or natural ventilation (Solar factor, U coefficient, glazing max. temperatures)
  • Temperature of glazing located low on the wall or glazing positioned either partially or fully in front of an opaque wall
  • Glass workshop
    • Modifying the thickness of a known pane of glass and panes of a known symmetrical laminate
    • Glass–film coupling
    • Bonding a known layer on a new pane
    • Replacing a pane in a known laminate
    • Creating laminates
Price (excl. VAT) : 2 280,00 €


Vitrages Decision is associated with a maintenance. This one is compulsory and fixed about is the number of acquired module. This maintenance includes :

  • Access to the hotline
  • The update of databases glazings, blinds, movies, intercalary
  • The normative and statutory update of calculation modules
  • The integration of the new functions in units acquired according to the developments

The cost of the maintenance is fixed to €1090.00 (excl. VAT) a year. It is free first year.

Price (excl. VAT) : 1 090,00 €

Full licence

5% discount for purchase of a full licence Programme activation dongles are sent with the concession contracts upon receipt of payment. Bulk discounts available.

Price (excl. VAT) : 7 250,00 €

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